Edge Story

Edge Logistics has one goal: deliver exceptional customer service and be innovative in our strategies. Over the last eight years we have been growing and adapting to fit our customers needs.

Edge began in 2008 with just one van. Starting as an auto rental company, Edge specialized in providing unique and rare vehicles to our clients, including mobile offices, luxury sprinters, large passenger vans, and more. Slowly Edge began adding larger trucks and vehicles to our fleet including refrigerated trucks and flat beds.

Edge also parents a short notice moving company, Go Taxi Truck. Go Taxi Truck is powered by our original software, Zootly which offers a unique platform for customers and users to book deliveries on their phone, get quotes, and track their loads.

Edge Logistics offers customized local distribution and solution systems based on each companies unique needs. Edge is able to conduct operations audits, identify problem areas, and tailor a distribution program to suit the needs of our clients and their customers.

Edge started in 2014 when William Kerr and Jordan Lanyi partnered with Edge Equity Partners. Edge Equity partners is a investment group which specializes in tech startups specifically within the transportation industry.

Edge Equity partners has successfully funded and started :

  • Edge Auto Rental
  • The largest truck and van rental company in the tri state area specializing in film and TV clients.
  • Zootly
  • An app for on demand and short notice moves now operating in NYC and Canada.
  • Go Taxi Truck
Our Staff

We provide a single point of contact throughout the whole process so their is no need to talk to drivers, dispatchers, or accounting. Our talented staff is here to help and guide you every step of the way providing consistent updates and real time data.

We are proud of our determined and dynamic working environment. We understand how the right training and development equals a better working community and better service for our clients. All Edge employees make sure all clients receive reliable service, consistent communication, and affordable solutions.

Edge is always looking for ambitious, outgoing, individuals to join our team. Whether in carrier sales or customer management – we provide ideal training for you to meet your goals and reach success in a short time. Edge strives to provide a working environment that is challenging yet enjoyable for our staff.

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