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Edge is looking to hire 2-3 paid interns for the Summer! These interns will not only gain knowledge in the logistics field but will assist all departments. They will spend time learning tracking ... See more

5 days ago
Chicago is the Hollywood of logistics, this CEO says

We agree!

There was a time, near the turn of the 20th century, that Chicago was also the Hollywood of the movie business.

6 days ago
Edge Office!

Sneak peek of some of our photos we had taken for our new website redesign! We can't wait to show them all and complete our brand new website!

1 week ago
Trucking firms offer thousands of dollars in bonuses, other perks to lure drivers


A shortage of truck drivers has trucking companies using a number of retention methods to attract and retain new workers, including some hefty sign-on and referral bonuses.

1 week ago
Volvo Adds Refuse Truck to its Electric Vehicle Lineup


Volvo Trucks is rolling out another electric truck in Europe as continues to push into alternative fuel vehicle development.

1 week ago
Trucking Industry Seeks to Avoid 'Robot Apocalypse'


New technologies like autonomous operation and electrification threaten to scramble the trucking industry and its workforce.

2 weeks ago
Trucker gets lost in the woods with truck full of chips, doesn't eat any

Now that's commitment to the job.

After his truck got stranded, Jacob Cartwright wandered the woods for days without touching the chips he was transporting.

3 weeks ago
New program seeks to draw high school students into the trucking industry | CDLLife


1 month ago
Oklahoma proposal would significantly change trucking regulation. Why is it being pursued?


The shift would put the burden of dealing with trucking infractions on to local Oklahoma courts. 

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