3 days ago
Today’s Top Supply Chain and Logistics News From WSJ


Blockchain’s future in logistics, changing directions in auto supply chains and trans-Atlantic tariff threats over U.S. exports.

5 days ago

Are you trying to get multiple parties with trust issues to work together? Do you need tamper-proof records to track asset movement? Do all parties benefit from increased #transparency? #Blockchain ... See more

1 week ago
Why Trucking and Logistics Will Lead the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution


The economics for driverless technology for trucks and commercial vehicles is much greater in the near term than for passenger cars.

1 month ago
Trucking Market Strongest Since Deregulation, ATA Economist Bob Costello Says


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The freight market is as strong as it has been since deregulation in the 1980s, according to American Trucking Associations Chief Economist Bob Costello.

1 month ago
5 takeaways from Trump’s infrastructure plan; trucking reacts


President Trump's infrastructure plans are being evaluated and here are 5 key takeaways that the trucking industry should know about. Details on Truckers News.

1 month ago
Trucking Companies Ordered Most Big Rigs In 12 Years


Trucking companies in January ordered the most new big rigs in nearly 12 years, as they hustled to take advantage of one of the hottest freight markets in recent memory.

1 month ago
Even in good times, invoice factoring can be an answer


Despite all this good news, an underlying problem remains for many truckers – getting paid. There are still some shippers that are dragging their feet when it comes to settling their bills, and ... See more

1 month ago
Perspective | More and more truckers are saying they’re running out of capacity


These are the problems of a growing economy.

1 month ago
Thor Trucks Takes Different Approach to Electric Trucks


A new electric truck company thinks its modest approach will captivate regional haul trucking fleets. The Thor Trucks team is focused on providing long-haul electric truck solutions for the industry ... See more

1 month ago
SiriusXM to Launch "Women In Trucking" Show

We love to hear news like this!

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SiriusXM announced today the launch of Women In Trucking, a live, call-in...

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