Our Story

Founded in 2014, Edge’s humble beginnings began in the back of a double-wide trailer in a parking lot along the banks of the East River in Brooklyn, NY. With few resources to start, our small team of five persevered and organically grew our portfolio with a focus on innovation and working smarter. Today headquartered in downtown Chicago with offices in Detroit, Phoenix and as far reaching as Barranquilla, Colombia, we continue to hit accelerated growth milestones through that very same commitment.

Our Mission Statement

Edge delivers superior transportation management solutions to our customers through efficiency, technology, and innovation. Our employees understand the value and importance of leveraging these strengths in a competitive transportation market and promote a strong working culture of driving results. We are fully dedicated to working smarter to help our clients reach their transportation goals with ease and confidence.

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Our Awards

We are proud to be an award-winning transportation provider and innovator. Our family owned business has grown with advanced technology and countless awards and recognition in the supply chain industry and more. At Edge, our dedication to loving the freight grows as we continue to evolve as fast as the market does. Look at what we’ve achieved so far:

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"I have really enjoyed my time working here at Edge over the past 3 years. Here at Edge there has been a very collaborative environment created where everyone feels like they are working towards the same goal and that everyone is an important factor in why the company is successful. Having the leaders of the company being transparent with everyone and taking the time out of their day to make sure that they are doing everything they can to help people succeed in their jobs is what sets Edge apart from many other companies. This is a family run business and they do a very good job of having that family type feel while at work. "


Pat Andrasco

Billing Operations Manager


"Edge logistics is a rare company. We are an established and known company yet we have the energy and culture of a startup. The relationships, teamwork and synergy that happens within Edge are unmatchable. I love working at here because of our insanely interactive and dynamic team. We are constantly evolving our company to push the limits of innovation. "


Kristin Jones

Senior Sales Executive

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